Technology for Education

Lumination is Australia and New Zealand's leading innovator in education technology and immersive IT solutions.

At Lumination we recognise that technology is contantly evolving, redefining the way we teach and learn. Our team of engineers, STEM educators, designers and software developers work with clients globally to develop future-focused software and hardware solutions for Education and Government.

Technology that enhances learning outcomes

As a preferred Google for Education and Expeditions Partner we are able to provide you with technology that encourages collaboration to enhance learning outcomes.

Whether you're a small school with specific requirements or a Government department with more complex needs, Lumination works with you every step of the way to ensure a simple transition into your innovative learning environment. For those of your who have already gone down this path, we provide dynamic professional development and technical services that ensure technology is a tool that's used effectively.

Who are we?

Edward Carlson

Managing Director

Ed leads the team at Lumination and specialises in building innovative technology companies. Ed’s passion is EdTech and how innovations in the classroom prepare students for the forever changing landscape of technological transformation. Prior to Lumination he worked at Google, TRO and various startups - building teams, products and leading growth in the ANZ region. He started his first company at 9 years old selling modified computers online and spent every cent of the profits on Pokemon cards and Blockbuster videos.

Dr. Marissa Bond

Head of STEM Programs

Marissa develops exciting and innovative educational experiences for students and supports teachers in embracing cutting-edge technology in their classrooms. Marissa is an experienced STEM communicator and qualified teacher with a love of tech, tinkering and coding. In 2017 she completed her PhD which focused on developing and evaluating software using virtual people to help children with autism improve their social skills.

Daniel Hill

Head of Growth

Daniel works with Lumination’s existing and prospective schools, to ensure they get the best out of our technology. Having worked with schools in Australia for over 6 years, he understands what it takes for technology to be successful in an educational environment. Daniel used to play for Charlton Athletic Football Club as an academy player until the age of 14.

Jonathan Brice

EdTech Advisor

Jonathon handles the day to day business operations at Lumination as well as running the Education and Professional Development services. Jonathon specialises in EdTech management and has developed his craft with a history of technology education in secondary schools. Jonathon enjoys exercising regularly and is training for the Melbourne marathon.

Ebony Cundy-Profke

Administration Coordinator

Ebony is the glue that holds the Lumination team together. She answers the phones, provides quotes, handles the tricky questions and keeps the team organised. Ebony was previously a music teacher and has been playing the viola for 18 years!

Jake Lund

Technical Operations Coordinator

Jake is our Technical Operations Co-ordinator. He handles everything from configuring the kits to breathing life into insane new tech ideas. Jake’s zeal for virtual reality tech has driven him to focus his attention on education and how he could leverage VR to advance the classroom. Back on his family property in the Barossa Valley Jake enjoys kicking back, relaxing and leveraging the Arduino platform to maximise the production of the farm through custom irrigation controllers.

Jeremy Broadbent

Service Delivery Coordinator

Jeremy looks after kit production here at Lumination so that your orders arrive on time, everytime. He has a history of 3D modelling and prototyping so it is safe to say he is very detail orientated. As well as having a passion for new product development, Jeremy loves the outdoors and is a keen rock climber. You'll often find him at the local bouldering gym and is always up for a chat.

Tom Hastwell

Enterprise Partner

Tom's job is to work with every school in South Australia connecting them with Lumination's incredible technology and services. Tom loves getting out and about across the state to meet with teachers to demonstrate and educate them about Google Expeditions, Virtual and Augmented Reality, teacher development and getting schools to visit our amazing STEM Innovation Lab! When not out meeting with schools, Tom can be seen down at the beach jogging...trying to keep up with his wife!

Phil Zabaks

Growth Lead, QLD

Phil has a strong background in digital marketing, with delivering key educational experiences at the forefront of his passion. Phil understands that teaching and learning is ever-changing, and enjoys equipping teachers with the latest technology they require in this fast-paced environment so all schools and students can flourish. Phil has had a successful soccer career as a goalkeeper, having celebrated many individual and team achievements.

Alistair Edmonds

Growth Lead, NSW

Alistair works with schools across New South Wales to ensure their students are equipped with a skill set for the future. Through working closely with schools over the past 3 years, he has a knack for knowing both what makes students tick, but also the influence technology can have in driving learning outcomes. On the weekend, you'll likely find Alistair on the rugby field (hopefully without his VR headset on!).

Rebecca Bendikov

Head of Marketing

Rebecca’s job is to spread the word about Lumination’s future-focused products and services. She is passionate about the customer experience and community engagement. Rebecca has developed her marketing expertise by working with brands in the FinTech, Hospitality, Arts and Not-For-Profit sectors. Rebecca loves to sing and dance and previously taught performing arts to school students.

Philippa Lawrie

Digital Content Designer

Philippa’s role is to transform big ideas into engaging visual content. She develops visual branding, informative graphics and resources, photography, video content, and interactive elements. She also has a background in education, having spent a year teaching English in Japan. Philippa likes experimenting with new hobbies, such as snowboarding, roller skating, and watercolour painting.

Christy Jones

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Christy looks after Lumination's digital marketing channels, including social media, eDMs and the website. She has experience in the Arts and Not-For-Profit sectors, and used to live in Tokyo as a travel writer and English teacher. She loves all things creative, and usually spends her spare time making things or reading.


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