Google Expeditions Unpacked

From tech specs to item descriptions, let's dive into the Google Expeditions Kit.

V Rheadset
Lumination VR/AR Headset

Step into the world of Virtual Reality. Simply place the Student VR Devices supplied in our Kits into the headset to get started.

Designed for comfort. Allow your students to fully immerse themselves with Lumination’s lightweight, durable headset complete with soft padding and adjustable head straps suitable for all head sizes.

Focal and Pupil Distance Adjustment. Everyone’s vision is different, this feature allows each user to adjust settings to meet their individual needs.

Teacher Instructor Tablet

Lumination provides an Instructor tablet for teachers, featuring a 10.1” Full HD screen. The large screen size puts teachers in control of Expeditions trips. This enables teachers to see where students are looking at all times and draw student’s attention to important features, and information.

Simply fire up the Google Expeditions app, and you’re ready to go

Wifi Router
Google Preconfigured Wifi Router

Google Wifi is a new kind of Wi-Fi system that improves student’s VR experience by seamlessly connecting with multiple devices and providing a fluid Expeditions experience with minimal setup time. We provide your Google WiFi router pre-configured and ready to use.

Your pre-configured Google WiFi can function independently of WiFi networks: minimising connection issues and ensuring quick kit deployment time during classes.

VR Device
Managed Student VR Devices

Student devices bring the Expeditions experience to life with HD resolution to ensure the best possible visual experience. Devices can also be upgraded to include AR Core capabilities.

Each student device comes pre-configured, has a long battery life, and powerful Adreno graphics processor.

Rapid Charger
Sabrent Multi-Port Rapid Charger

Power up your devices with the Sabrent Multi-Port Rapid Charger. Plug in up to 10 devices at once.

Expeditions Kit case Lumination
Expeditions Pelican Case

Safely store your Google Expedition Kit components in our Lumination custom cut foam lined pelican case.

We will even print your school logo or emblem on the case, as well as headsets and devices for maximum security.

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