Our focus on innovation in education and training uniquely positions us to create immersive solutions that solve complex logistics, humanitarian and mission critical challenges.

Lumination is proudly Australian owned and operated, our goal is to be a key provider of advanced immersive technology that enhances our sovereign capabilities.

Advanced Technical Capabilities

Immersive technology allows users to enhance and augment their capabilities through training in the classroom and augmented overlays for real time content delivery on the field.

Virtual and Augmented Visualisation

Train with advanced hardware and in complex technical environments in a low risk and hi-fidelity virtual environment through our immersive platforms.

Device Agnostic Software

Our technology is built to be fundamentally device agnostic, leaving our clients long term technology capabilities future proofed against advances in physical equipment.

Case Study:

AI VR/AR Visualisation Training Software

Lumination, BAE Systems and Uni SA have begun building an advanced artificial intelligence visualisation platform for real time Defence training applications. Funded through the Defence Innovation Hub program, this platform is being built to enhance our sovereign capabilities, save Australian and our partners lives and further our technical readiness in the field.

Our Partners