Our focus on innovation in education and training uniquely positions us to create immersive solutions that solve complex training, communication and technical problems.

Lumination’s engineers focus on using immersive technology to improve user engagement and advance technical capabilities of teams internally, while also using the same technology to communicate vision and strategy externally in a unique and innovative way.

STEM Innovation Labs

Enhance workplace learning and immersive technology capabilities through a STEM Innovation Lab. Train staff in a low risk, low cost, high fidelity environment and ensure your workplace capabilities are at the industry forefront.

VR Visualisation

Utilise Virtual Reality to showcase your solutions at scale, train your staff in the use of hardware and improve workplace safety and training.

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality object recognition platform allows users to create recognition of objects and links that recognition with job-related functions, notifications or warnings in the field.

Device Agnostic Software

Our technology is built to be fundamentally device agnostic, leaving our clients long term technology capabilities future proofed against advances in physical equipment.

Clients and Partners

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