Our focus on innovation in education and training uniquely positions us to create immersive solutions that solve complex logistical, professional learning and stakeholder communication problems.

Lumination’s engineers focus on using immersive technology to improve user engagement and advance technical capabilities of Government teams internally, while also using the same technology to communicate vision and strategy externally in a unique and innovative way.

Advanced Technical Capabilities

Immersive technology allows users to enhance and augment their capabilities through training in the classroom and augmented overlays for real-time content delivery in the workplace.

Learning Management Platforms

Our immersive learning platforms (LMS systems) are built with user engagement and immersion in mind. You have smart teams, our technology engages them in a more immersive and gamified style of online learning. Users enjoy their learning journey and actively seek to use our immersive LMS platforms to improve in their roles.

AR/VR Applications

Learning in an immersive, low cost, low risk but hi-fidelity environment gives users far reaching capabilities and unlimited capabilities in virtual worlds and augmented overlays.

Device Agnostic Software

Our technology is built to be fundamentally device agnostic, leaving our clients long-term technology capabilities future proofed against advances in physical equipment.

Case Study:

Roadmap to World-Class

Lumination partnered with the Department for Education, South Australia to communicate their strategic plan for building a world-class education system through an interactive Augmented Reality experience.

The Department for Education was searching for an innovative and exciting platform to promote their new strategic plan - one that matched the innovation and forward-thinking of the plan itself. We came up with an Augmented Reality experience to encapsulate the key points from the strategic plan, allowing people to use their mobile devices to interact with different elements of the plan in an immersive way.

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SA Department for Education
NSW Department for Education
Ipswich City Council