Powering object recognition with augmented reality

The days of trial and error are coming to an end. In the past an engineer, a manufacturer or a mechanic would work on often very expensive machinery with a combination of experience, guess work and trial and error. One mistake could be costly.

A mobile application to solve problems

Now users in the field and factory can take this mobile app to help them recognise and identify key components of a product. It can tell them component parts, offer job related commands, give informational pop up and cues. The user can then take sequence steps, tick off task checklists and ultimately follow steps to recognise, fix, repair and build with increased certainty.

School usage

In a school setting, this mobile application can be a hands-on experience used by students to work through learning tasks at their own pace. For example a science class can be guided through the steps needed to construct a ‘simple machine’ such as a lever or pulley system and then run tests on it to explore concepts of force and energy.

User led

The software will give organisations and schools the ability to create their own experience and object related guidance specific to their own needs. Users can train the system to recognise new objects and build their own best practice.

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