STEM Innovation Labs are state-of-the-art educational environments that allow students to use virtual and augmented reality technologies in a way that is uniquely immersive. Within this highly-specialised environment, students are exposed to the competencies they will need for the future job market, such as digital and STEM literacy, design thinking, mixed-reality content creation, and using technology to solve real-world problems.

What is a STEM Innovation Lab?

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Develop 21st Century Learning Skills

A STEM Innovation Lab offers students the ability to develop 21st century learning skills: design, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Within the Lab, students are provided with the very best learning environment and supporting technologies to develop these skills across all subject disciplines.

A Multi-Purpose Facility

The STEM Innovation Lab is an entirely flexible multi-purpose facility, which can be transformed into varied dynamic learning environments to fully optimise the space.

Extended Reality (XR) Mode

The XR mode extends user engagement by actively encouraging students to collaborate with those utilising the VR technology. The immersive virtual reality world is broadcast onto a large panoramic display that enables a larger cohort of students to actively engage with the technology and develop key skills around teamwork and collaboration.

Classroom Mode

The Lab can be transformed into a conventional classroom environment. The large panoramic installation enables a unique AV experience. Across three separate displays, the teacher has full control of the respective media. This means that the space can be used dynamically to suit the teacher’s needs; the content can be mirrored across all three screens, or each respective screen can display its own content.

Theatre Mode

The theatrical backdrop of the Presentation mode enables presentations and performances to be delivered like never before. Keynote speakers will be able to showcase content on a grand scale to enhance audience experience and engagement. The customisable display can act as an interactive background for school plays, dance and music performances, or other creative events.

The Process

The STEM Innovation Lab has been flexibly designed by Lumination for implementation into any space: older heritage-listed buildings, open-plan spaces, or new designs and builds. The Lumination team manages the entire building process from design to construction, followed by full support from the Lumination education and technical teams.

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