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Education Kit

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Explore New Heights

Let creativity fly with our Ryze Tello Education Drone Kits. Students can program their own flight paths, capture amazing imagery and use virtual reality headsets to control their drone in first person!

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Drone kit
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How it works

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  • 15 Ryze Tello Edu Drones
  • 60 Mission Pads
  • 1 Hour of Power Pack
  • 1 Tello accessory pack
  • 1 Pelican Case with SafeStore
  • 1 Tablet Configuration Option
  • 1 Pedagogy and Quick-Start Guide


  • 30 Ryze Tello Edu Drones
  • 120 Mission Pads
  • 1 Hour of Power Pack
  • 1 Tello Accessory Pack
  • 1 Pelican Case with SafeStore
  • 1 Tablet Configuration Option
  • 1 Pedagogy and Quick-Start Guide


Learn to Code with Drones

Students can command their drones to perform corresponding movements by dragging coding blocks on their smart mobile devices. Students can also develop programming skills by playing games and completing levels using the Tello Edu applications.

Drone Page Coding 17

Compatible Apps

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+ much more

Custom Print your school logo!

Our SafeStore team use cutting edge UV and laser printing technology to print high resolution quality, colour logos and emblems onto kit components such as student VR headsets.


Chris Ziersch

ICT Integration Manager
Temple Christian College

All of the industries are wanting kids who have learnt how to code. The Drone Kit a great inroad because you can start off simple and get more complex as you go along.

Fergus Grant

Digital Coordinator
Mercedes College

Students really benefited from the cutting edge technology - not all schools have access to it all the time, so to have it at their fingertips really gave them a further step into their education.

Aimee Shattock

Digital Learning Coordinator
Brighton Secondary School

It’s one thing to see content in a text book or to hear somebody talking about it, but to actually be able to step into another world and to look around and really be immersed in it - that is really powerful!


with the Lumination network

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Game Changer Challenge! We were very proud to sponsor the competition this year, and are so impressed with what the students came up with 💡 Watch the Grand Final stream here: https://t.co/5LN8MDSi7L
To prepare students for the future, we need to support them to become skillful creators of technology. And so our Head of STEM Programs, Dr Marissa Bond, has put together this list of some of our favourite VR creation tools! >>> https://t.co/mw3tYzFfGv https://t.co/eQFu9MXVMo