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The IMVR Kit is custom designed and built to withstand the demands of a dynamic school environment. The kit uses HTC Vive Cosmos headsets, controllers and corresponding custom built gaming quality PCs to deliver an unparalleled virtual reality learning experience for students.


Virtual Reality IMVR 04
Virtual Reality IMVR 02
Virtual Reality IMVR 03
Virtual Reality IMVR 01
  • 1 Custom integrated VR Gaming PC
  • 1 HTC Vive Cosmos Immersive Virtual Reality Headset + Corresponding Controllers
  • 1 HTC Vive Wireless Receiver
  • 1 24" Ultrasharp 1080p monitor
  • 1 Custom RGB Lighting setup
  • 1 Windows Licenses
  • Steam VR - Biggest repository of VR/AR content on PC for immersive VR
  • 1 Pelican Air 1615 Case + Custom Foam Inserts
  • 1 Custom UV Printing
  • QR Code links to teacher resources
IMVR Impossible

Impossible Feats

Learners can train for and have experiences in Immersive Virtual Reality that are impossible or unsafe in real life.

IMVR Empathy

Inspire Empathy

Immersive Virtual Reality creates empathy in learners by making them feel like they are really experiencing different situations or viewing the world through someone else’s eyes.

IMVR Social

Social Simulation

VR environments can provide a space to practice professional or social skills.

IMVR Creation

Virtual Creation

VR environments are like studios or ‘sandboxes’ for learners to design, create and prototype in a virtual environment, without the need for physical materials or waste.

"45% of people in the high-consequence industry consider VR training as highly important."

(Source: Training Mag)

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Fergus Grant

Digital Coordinator
Mercedes College

Students really benefited from the cutting edge technology - not all schools have access to it all the time, so to have it at their fingertips really gave them a further step into their education.

Amanda Brook

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School

The students were completely immersed in learning through the technology, rather than than looking at two dimensional information. They have come up with some really great ideas to follow up and research back at school.

Belinda Zanello

Visual Art Teacher
Sacred Heart College

Very inspired as an educator and for the students to be future-ready! "Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein; and today definitely proved that!