Immersive classroom teaching

It’s time to revolutionise the traditional chalk and talk teaching method. Guide classrooms through Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and digital learning with ease. The LeadMe Edu application allows students to connect their devices and use them in a virtual reality headset.


Students learn through experiences. Teachers select from any number of apps, webpages or YouTube links to send to the students' devices. Once connected teachers can simultaneously launch a 360 degree virtual reality video. A collaborative document is used for students to record learnings.

Guided learning

Teachers can play, pause and facilitate discussions. Real time data shows students are on track and engaged. Teachers can also spot any drops in engagement and adjust the teaching accordingly. All while safe in the knowledge that the device is only being used for the teacher's chosen learning outcome.

Go offline

No need to worry about internet connection. With an offline functionality pre-downloaded content and be sent to devices to ensure no breaks or interruptions in the teaching.

LeadMe Edu Learning App

Key Features

  • Guided virtual reality learning.
  • Launch apps and push content to student devices.
  • Supervise devices using real time data.
  • Receive activity alerts linked to learning outcomes.
  • Manage app access and restrict if required.
  • Learning is supported via numerous apps, webpages, YouTube and Within VR integration.
  • Offline functionality for pre-downloaded content.

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