Integrate a STEM Innovation Lab into your school.

Lumination has developed a STEM Innovation Lab ‘template’ that is replicable across a range of different environments, including schools, universities, TAFEs, and private and public enterprise.

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What is it?

The STEM Innovation Lab offers students the ability to develop 21st century STEM skills: design, engineering, technology, creativity and innovation. By integrating a STEM Innovation Lab into your school, you are giving your students the very best environment to build these skills.

Lumination’s STEM Innovation Lab is a state-of-the-art educational environment which allows students to use virtual and augmented reality technologies in a way that is uniquely immersive.

Within this highly specialised environment, students are enabled to develop skills that will be essential in the future job market, such as digital and STEM literacy, design thinking, mixed reality content creation, and using technology to solve real world problems.

What is a STEM Innovation Lab?

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A Multipurpose Facility

XR Mode

The XR mode extends user engagement by actively encouraging a students to collaborate with those utilising the extended reality technology. The immersive virtual reality world is broadcast onto a large panoramic display that enables a larger cohort of students to actively engage with the technology and develop key skills around teamwork and collaboration.

XR Mode

AV Mode

The large panoramic installation enables a unique AV experience. Across three separate displays, the teacher has full control of the respective media. This means that the space can be used dynamically to suit the teacher’s needs; this can mean that the content is mirrored across all three screens, or that each respective screen can display its own content.

AV Mode

Theatre Mode

The theatrical backdrop enables presentations to be delivered like never before. Keynote speakers will be able to showcase content on a grand scale to enhance audience experience and engagement. The customisable display can act as an interactive background for school plays, dance and music performances, or other creative events.

Theatre Mode




For younger learners, the STEM Innovation lab serves as the ideal introductory space to immersive technology. Students can use CoSpace’s VR/AR platform to explore literacy, STEM and HASS topics in virtual reality and develop fundamental coding and game design skills.

The flexible layout makes for the perfect Makerspace for younger learners, in which they can use Snap Circuits and Makey Makey to safely create electronic circuits, dive into rapid prototyping with 3D printers, and build, code and test a variety of robots, exploring sequencing with Bee-Bots and mechanical principles with Lego Mindstorms.


Secondary learners will use the STEM Innovation Lab as a means to deepen their knowledge and refine their expertise. Students expand their coding and VR/AR game design skills with CoSpace’s advanced features, then progress to high-end VR headsets and industry-level tools such as Unity, where they explore the fundamentals of developing fully immersive virtual worlds.

Students can delve into production and media skills with 360° cameras, standard AV equipment and green screens. With a flexible floorplan, the Innovation Lab is perfect for exploring engineering and physics principles, through electronics platforms like Micro:bit and Arduino, and rapid prototyping with 3D printers and laser cutters.



Advanced learners are able to engage with the space at an industry level. With advanced technologies and tools, tertiary students explore core Industry 4.0 concepts including artificial intelligence with Alpha Mini, smart manufacturing with collaborative robots Baxter and Sawyer, and industry standard rapid prototyping with Arduino, 3D printers, laser cutters and more.

Students become job-ready through developing complex VR/AR simulations and games using high-end VR headsets and industry-level development environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine, and are involved throughout the media production lifecycle using 360° cameras, professional AV equipment and green screens to capture and edit bespoke media content.

The Process

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Identify a Space

  • School allocates space in new building
  • Lab customised to size
  • We can incorporate a STEM Innovation Lab into any space: older heritage listed buildings, open plan spaces or new designs and builds
  • Our design team will visit your site or visit our Innovation Lab for further inspiration
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Design a Space

  • 3D drawings developed
  • We take into consideration spatial characteristics
  • Facilities planning implemented
  • We work with you to select digital equipment and furniture
  • We factor in relevant regulations and OHS considerations
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Fit-out a Space

  • Entire custom fit-out managed by Lumination
  • We gain access to site
  • We will work with lead contractor and all Lumination staff will be DCSI cleared
  • We manage Lumination sub-contractors
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Tech and Support

The Lumination team are here to offer you continued support throughout the process of building your STEM Innovation Lab.

Once your Innovation Lab is operational, we will provide orientation sessions and ongoing consultation with your teaching staff. We understand that different teachers will want to achieve different learning outcomes with your Lab, and so we will also provide ongoing access to all of our resources to ensure your STEM Innovation Lab is maximised to its full potential.

These resources include ongoing lesson plans, technology support, access to our digital learning staff, professional development opportunities and more. For more details, please contact us.

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