At Lumination, we're excited to partner with growing organisations looking to connect with users and customers through engaging, accessible, and exciting interactive content. Our team of developers and designers are dedicated to devising neat solutions to complex issues, and delivering visually stunning software that connects with the user.

Connect with your customers, clients, staff or students.

Our Process

Software Dev Interview


Our team will meet with yours to get a better understanding of the project background, user demographics, constraints, and the key goals of the organisation. We will also conduct our own user and competitor research to gain a full understanding of the project scope.

Software Dev Ideation


Based on insights gathered from the discovery phase, we will work to devise the key problem spaces and opportunity areas. We will then devise all possible ways to approach key user problems, before once again narrowing in on key solutions that offer the best possible user experience.

Software Dev Prototype


We will apply our proposed solutions by mocking up a prototype, designed for testing user flow, accessibility and overall quality of experience. We will test these solutions, then send them through for you to review with your team and stakeholders.

Software Dev Deliver


Once we've arrived at our successful solution, we will design and develop a visually engaging software platform, which aligns with the key desired outcomes of the organisation, addresses user problem and pain areas, and is overall an enjoyable experience for the user.

Some of Our Clients

Clients Sace

Client 0001 Google

Client 0002 nazlogo

Client 0000 EO Logo

Client Logos 0007 SSC Rec Logo

Client Logos 0005 logo lismore

Client Logos 0006 Kiosc

Client Logos 0000 NS Wgov

Client 0003 Lion Co