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LeadMe Learning app is launching for Android in Term 1 2021!

Guide your students through VR, AR and digital learning experiences with ease.

Our LeadMe Learning App allows teachers to simultaneously launch and control students’ devices. This puts the teacher in total control, enabling them to keep their class on track, engaged and collaborative while immersed in future learning technologies.

Share content with your students, instantly and in real time. Push any application. You can even guide virtual and augmented reality experiences from your own teacher tablet!

Lead Me Manage


Push apps, content, and lock student devices, remotely.

Lead Me Monitor


Monitor student devices in real time.

VR Apps Collaborate


Share VR, video, presentations and more across student devices.

Key Features of the LeadMe Learning App:

  • Acts as a simultaneous remote control for all Android devices.
  • Push apps and content to student devices.
  • Monitor student devices in real time.
  • Locks devices and specific apps to ensure students are on task.
  • Share content across multiple devices.
  • VR video playback control with preloaded video content.
Interface Dual Screens
How it Works

Teachers sign in with a secure teacher code on their tablet or mobile device. Students then join the class via their individual devices.

From there, you will be able to take your chosen app, presentation, URL, YouTube VR link or other media, and push it to your students' devices.

Teachers will be able to monitor students’ devices in real time as well as lock and unlock devices as needed.

LeadMe supports offline use, meaning that teachers can connect to and guide all their students' devices without requiring an Internet connection.

The LeadMe Learning App is almost ready for market! Would you like the exciting opportunity to be a part of beta testing?*

Register your interest by filling in the contact form and we will let you know if you’ve been successful!

*Beta testing only available for Android devices.