In 2018, the New South Wales Department of Education (NSW DoE) established a STEM project called stem.T4L, to encourage schools to explore STEM teaching and learning opportunities.

Lumination works with the NSW DoE to provide a range of STEM technology kits to more than 70,000 teachers and 250,000 students across 3,000 schools. These include kits for VR/AR learning, immersive virtual reality and 360 filmmaking.

What is the stem.T4L Project?

The stem.T4L Project picks up the pieces that have been missing in schools with regard to the integration of technology into the school space. The DoE noticed that there was a process of pushing technology out into schools and expecting schools to just pick up and use whatever tech was delivered. Teachers didn’t know what to ask, how to get help, or what tools to choose. This was having a negative impact on staff performance, student performance, professional development, and student engagement.

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The NSW DoE realised that there was a need to show teachers how to use technology and how to get the best out of it. They identified that it’s not about the kit or the tools in the kit, it’s about getting teachers started with a basic level of understanding. They also identified the importance of STEM being shared across all aspects of teaching and learning.

The solution to this problem was to provide trial kits, resources, professional learning and support to all schools across NSW Education.

Objectives of the stem.T4L project

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The stem.T4L Project aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the effective use of technology to improve student learning;
  • Enable teachers to understand, experience, and embed STEM technologies into teaching and learning;
  • Support students’ capability in using technologies for learning and to build digital resilience;
  • Create a sustainable STEM community of practice.

Less than two years into the project, both teachers’ confidence to teach STEM and collaboration amongst teachers has improved. 21st century skills also improved amongst students due to the highly interactive environment fostered by the project.

We are proud to partner with the NSW DoE on this project to empower schools to teach students the skills they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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