Taking the next step in our Virtual Reality training

Imagine being able to convert a high risk, high cost training environment into a low risk, low cost simulation. This Virtual Reality learning platform uses real world data and 3D models to generate hyper realistic scenarios.

Hyper realistic virtual environments

We take complex environments or critical equipment; it could be submarines, mines, space shuttles, offices or any number of other places, spaces and equipment and create lifelike immersive environments complete with realistic, AI-driven variation in scenarios, scenes and behaviour; exact replications of the real world.

Safe simulations

Users teach, learn and work in these safe simulations and then apply the training into the real world. The simulations are powered by an artificial intelligence engine to learn and adapt over time to produce lifelike and uncertain variations rather than simply responding in predictable ways.

Cost-effective training

Training is cost-effective and efficient as learners can revisit scenarios until they reach a required proficiency and confidence. It's a virtual reality metaverse based approach with real life results.

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